Woman Unaware Dog Licking Her Face Spent All Morning Licking His Balls


A woman who allowed a dog to lick her face for more than 10 minutes was completely unaware that he had spent most of the morning licking the balls off himself. Laura Connolly from Castleknock in Dublin was strolling through the Phoenix Park when she came across the adorable brown pointer and called him over straight away.

“Oh my God he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” she said to the owner as the dog proceeded to lick her ears, nose, cheeks, mouth and lips.

The dog in question is called Mick and he lives in nearby Ballyfermot. Mick is a regular in the Phoenix Park where he loves to spend time going for walks and playing fetch.

“Yeah my owner brings me here most days.” said Mick. “I like to do the usual dog stuff really. Run around for a bit, bark at things, sniff other dog’s arses, take a massive dump so my owner has to pick it up, lol. I can’t believe people actually do that. I would never go anywhere near his. Humans are disgusting.

“I also like to lick my scrotum dry and then clean my tongue on a person’s face. Cracks me up that one does. People fall for it every time.”

Wow. Have we been wrong all this time believing that a dog licking our face was purely a sign of affection? We asked Mick if he only ever licks a person’s face after he’s been licking his balls?

“Ah no, come on now. I’m not all bad. I also like to do it after I’ve been licking me anus.”