Lol. DJ Thinks What He Does Requires Talent


A local DJ is under the impression that what he does requires talent. 32 year-old Brian Delaney goes by the name of DJ Spunky Nuts and spends his weekends playing terrible dance music to people off their heads on ecstasy. Johnson calls himself an artist and says he’s one of a select few who were born with a God given talent.

“Lennon and McCartney, Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, The Vengaboys, we were all given this gift by God. He blessed us with this talent so we would share it with the masses so that’s what I do. Every Saturday night in Ballinasloe GAA Hall.”

So what is it that makes DJ Spunky Nuts different to other DJ’s?

“It’s the way I blend the start of the next song into the end of the one that’s still on. There’s no silent bit between songs. The music continues uninterrupted and because the songs are all identical nobody notices.”

Brian said he DJ’s at the local GAA hall every Saturday night of the year except for 2 weeks in the summer when he goes on holidays and his Mother takes over.