Local Woman Determined Not To Buy A Bag

A woman who went shopping in her local Tesco this morning just about managed to carry everything out to her car without buying a bag. Sharon Molloy told us she spends enough money there every week without having to fork out another 70 cent just for a plastic bag.

“They can feck off if they think I’m paying for a bag. They try to get me to buy one every time I’m in there. ‘Would you like a bag?’ they ask me. ‘No I wouldn’t!’ I tell them. The look on their faces when I start stuffing items into my handbag and down my socks and in my bra.”

Sharon said that even when she does her big Christmas shopping in a couple of weeks she’ll be carrying everything without using even one bag.

“I saw this documentary on telly Friday night about these African women carrying stuff on their heads. Big huge baskets full of fruit and all sorts of things so I’ve been practicing at home carrying groceries on my head. I can balance a 10kg bag of spuds already with bread and toilet roll on top. I’m going to give it a go in Tesco next week. They’re never getting 70 cents out of me for a bag and that’s a promise. Never!”