Disappointed Government To Host Oliver Cromwell Appreciation Night Instead


Disappointed that their commemoration for the Royal Irish Constabulary has had to be deferred, Leo Varadkar and Charlie Flanagan have said they will instead host an Oliver Cromwell Appreciation Night in Dublin.

As insane as it sounds to all intelligent human beings, the government of the Irish Republic wanted to honour men who violently opposed the creation of the Irish Republic. Thankfully objections from non-mental people eventually put a stop to it for now at least.

Undeterred, Minister Flanagan has now set his sights on holding an appreciation night for one of his all time heroes, mass murderer of the Irish people Oliver Cromwell.

“He was just doing his job.” said the Minister.

Today all over Ireland people can only speculate and guess who Leo and Co. might try to honour next. Bookmakers Paddy Power have just slashed odds to 2/1 on the government naming the controversial new children’s hospital in Dublin ‘The Jimmy Saville Children’s Hospital’.