Breaking: Attention Seeking Drama Queen Checks in To Hospital On Facebook


A well known attention seeking drama queen has just ‘checked-in’ to hospital on Facebook. 23 year-old Sarah McGowan had put up several posts last night claiming she had a soar throat and a cough and told her friends she hoped it wasn’t the ‘kroner viris’.

Miss McGowan offered no details as to why she’s in hospital today despite several enquiries from her friends to her post.

“U ok hun?” asked Sarah’s best friend Deirdre Molloy, while her neighbour Jennifer Gorman posted “PM me babe.”

Two hours have passed since Sarah’s hospital check-in and despite the fact that everyone can see she is currently online and is no doubt reading all her friends questions she has not yet responded.

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Brian Jennings just added in a reply to her original post, telling her friends “Fuck all wrong with the mad bitch you shower of gobshites. She probably drove up to the hospital carpark to check-in online. Do you people really think if someone caught the coronavirus the first thing they’d do is check-in on Facebook and then leave all their friends hanging? Only a massive cunt would do that………. Oh shit, U okay Sarah?”