Coronavirus Numbers: Most Irish People Happy Enough As Long As We Beat The Brits


As several Covid-19 restrictions were lifted yesterday, we took to the streets of the capital to ask people how they have been coping so far. While strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines, we interviewed several people out walking and exercising in the Phoenix Park.

John Kilbane from Ballyfermot summed up the mood of the nation when we asked him how he thinks the government have been doing so far.

“I suppose they’re doing all they can. Every life lost is a tragedy and please God we can keep that number as low as possible. It’s been tough for everyone but the important thing of course is that we do better than the Brits. As long as that happens it will all have been worth it.”

81 year-old Lizzy O’Connell was out for her first walk in the park since the pandemic began after cocooning in her home for the past 7 weeks.

“It’s wonderful to be outside again. Most people did the right thing and I think we’re over the worst of it now. It’s a great little country in fairness. As long as that lot across the water get it worse than us I’ll be happy.”

It is hoped that when the whole coronavirus pandemic is over and the final numbers are known there will be a ceremony in Dublin so Ireland can officially declare victory over Britain.