Conspiracy Theory News Headlines: No Deaths & No New Cases Coz There’s No Virus

There was good news for conspiracy theorists yesterday as no deaths and no new cases of Covid-19 were recorded in Ireland just like every other day. That’s because there’s no virus and it’s all a scam created by the government to control the people.

All the governments of the world, even sworn enemies who hate each other, got together one day and agreed to pretend there’s a very bad virus going around. It’s not known which country came up with the idea but all the other countries agreed that it was a great idea and decided to play along and watch their economies collapse.

All the people of the world who have died from Covid-19 are not really dead and are just hiding.

In other news 5G causes cancer and was created by the illuminati who are all Jews. Pulling down 5G masts and wearing a tinfoil hat is the only known way of preventing these zionist lizard-people from reading your thoughts and taking over the world.

Also the moon landings were fake, Bush did 9/11 and Hitler is alive and well and running a successful landscaping business in Argentina.

More headlines for the mentally challenged later.