“Think Of Her Majesty!” Charlie Flanagan Begs Harry & Meghan To Reconsider

Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan has begged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to reconsider their decision to step back from their position as senior royals.

The Minister was referring to Britain’s royal family who are currently going through a bit of a crisis. Basically a couple of years ago an American actress called Meghan something managed to talk the ginger one into marrying her and now that she has him by the goolies she’s told him he can forget all that royal bollocks because they’re moving to America.

Many senior figures in Britain are not happy with the situation as well as our own Charlie Flanagan who spoke to RTE this morning.

“Her Majesty was not informed about Harry and Meghan’s statement before its release and that breaks my heart. I beg you guys, go and speak to the Queen now and sort this out. She must be very upset. Britain needs you Harry. We all do. God I wish I was English!”

Buckingham Palace released a brief statement this morning which simply read: ‘Your Mother tried to leave us too, remember? Your move ginger balls.’