Grandads Swap Heavy Cardigans For Slightly Lighter Cardigans As Weather Hots Up


Having spent the last few months wearing their heavy cardigans, Irish grandads are expected to get back into their slightly lighter cardigans this weekend as temperatures are set to rise to around 21 degrees celsius. Some are even said to be considering venturing out to their gardens but obviously not without first putting on a good warm scarf.

81 year-old Peter Digan said he thought about putting on his light cardigan earlier in the week but noticed a couple of clouds hovering above his house and didn’t want to risk certain death.

“These last few days have been lovely but you can’t take any chances at my age.” said Peter. “My good friend Tom switched to his light cardigan too early last year and dropped dead the next day. He thought it was over 20 degrees outside but it was barely 19. Doctors said it was a heart attack but what do they know about anything? The poor man clearly froze to death.”

Meanwhile Irish Water are warning people not to get carried away during the warm weather if they don’t want another hosepipe ban this year. They’re asking people not to waste water on unnecessary activities and are encouraging families to limit grandads to one cup of tea per day and one shower or bath per month.