“How’s Everything Going Back Home?”


The man who held the Brexit referendum is wondering how everything is going back home in the UK. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron is on holiday in The Maldives and was speaking to English journalist Michael Darwin about the current state of British politics.

“How’s everything going back home anyway?” asked Cameron. “I haven’t been paying attention to be honest. You know how it is with the news at home when you’re away on holidays. You don’t give a shit, right? Am I right?”

Mr. Cameron had promised that he would stay on as Prime Minister to implement the referendum result but not only did he resign as PM, he left parliament altogether to work on his memoirs for which he is being paid £800,000.

“I’ve been spending the last few months here working on my book. I haven’t made huge progress if I’m honest. Still trying to come up with a name for it. I asked my wife if she had any ideas and she suggested ‘Britain, My Part In Its Downfall’. I think she may have been taking the piss. I’ll probably just go with my original idea and call it ‘Oops, Sorry About That’.”