Britain Starting To Think This Coronavirus Thing Could Get Serious


The British government has decided that this whole coronavirus thing could actually be getting a bit serious and that they should maybe do something about it.

Just two days ago Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Britons to stay out of pubs and clubs if they didn’t mind but he has now changed his tune dramatically after several things were brought to his attention such as facts and evidence.

Mr. Johnson said he didn’t follow the same measures as other European countries at first because that’s just not the British way.

“We thought it was just a load of foreigners going a bit mad over nothing to be honest but apparently British citizens are dying every day from this thing. So clearly the time to act is now. Well it was actually a couple of weeks ago obviously but now it’s now.”

There’s still no sign of the British government closing down schools across the UK and they are to remain open for the time being at least. Instead Mr. Johnson seemed to focus on the elderly during his speech.

“I am asking our more vulnerable citizens not to go to the shops as often as they normally do. Unless of course they want to buy something. Then obviously they should go to the shops to buy it and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind them to always buy British. Remember, together we can beat this thing and take back control of our country. Sorry, what are we talking about again?”