Sweet Mother Of Divine Jaysus Look Who’s In Charge Of Brexit


It may have been expected but that doesn’t make it any less mental. Yes it’s finally happened. Boris Johnson is about to become Britain’s next Prime Minister and if you thought the Americans had a clown running their country you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Irish officials need to focus on developing a good relationship with the next UK Prime Minister in order to avoid a disorderly Brexit but Boris Johnson’s attitude and knowledge of Ireland doesn’t exactly fill anyone with confidence. It was recently revealed that he said about Taoiseach Leo Varadkar “Why isn’t he called Murphy like the rest of them?” Johnson later apologised for the remark and said no offence was intended, adding “I actually like the Paddy’s.”

This afternoon most countries seem unsure whether to send congratulations to Johnson or condolences to the British people. The hashtag #PrayForBritain began trending on Twitter as soon as Johnson’s victory was announced.

Donald Trump of course welcomed the news this afternoon saying “I think Boris Johnson can become England’s greatest ever President. I was over there playing golf recently in Doonbeg and I gotta say it’s a great little country. I think him and the Queen make a lovely couple and I hope they’re very happy together in Dowling Street.”