Local Man Who Heard There Might Be Some Snow Buys 200 Loaves Of Bread


A man who saw on the news that there might be some snow in his part of the country has bought 200 loaves of bread just in case. Brian McCormack from Tullamore made a dash to several local shops this morning and cleared them all out in minutes.

“There was mayhem in town last year so I’m going to be prepared this time round.” said Brian. “I remember two little old ladies in Aldi fighting over the last loaf of bread and it was so sad to see. They both must’ve really needed it. While they were busy arguing I grabbed it and ran but it was still sad to see.”

Despite the fact that no food shortages are predicted Brian said he’s not taking any chances this year and he’s stocked up on a lot more than just bread.

“I’ve got 10 gallons of petrol in the shed and 400 tins of dog food too. I don’t have a car or a dog but you can’t be too careful.”

RTE News meanwhile say people should listen to their local radio stations for updates as most of the bad weather will be confined to unimportant areas outside of Dublin that they just can’t be arsed reporting on.