Hospital Replaces The Word ‘Mothers’ With ‘Birth Givers’ To Be More Inclusive

A hospital in the UK has officially replaced the word ‘mothers’ with the term ‘birth givers from today and said its staff will begin using more inclusive language in an effort not to offend mental people.

Brighton and Sussex Maternity Hospital said on Twitter “Our approach has been carefully considered to be inclusive of trans and non-binary birthing people.”

The tweet included a 19-page document that has a table of gender-inclusive language that staff should use from now on in correspondence with others.

In the table, mothers changes to birth givers or pregnant people, breastfeeding changes to chestfeeding and breast milk changes to titty juice.

Okay we made the last one up but the rest of this article is actually 100% true. Yes, really. Google it. It’s actually all true.

A joint study carried out by King’s College in London and Harvard Medical School in the US has warned that blanket use of gender-neutral terms can have serious implications and a devastating effect on mothers and their babies but nobody seems to give a shit about that. As long as it’s seen as being politically correct that’s all that matters.

Next week: Will the word ‘Father’ be replaced with the term non-birthing parent? Yes. Of course it will. The lunatics have officially taken over the asylum.