Bald Men Are More Intelligent And Attractive, According To Bald Men


Bald men are more intelligent and attractive than men with hair. That’s according to a survey in which all those questioned were bald men. The results also claim that bald men make better lovers and men with hair are basically just dickheads.

Dr. Brian Henderson carried out the survey and is himself bald. He told us “Of the hundreds of totally random people we surveyed who just happened to be bald men, every one of them agreed that bald men are great at everything and everyone else is jealous of our good looks.”

We asked Dr. Henderson if this means he wasn’t good looking when he had hair.

“Yes it does. I was absolutely minging. Then all my hair fell out and I became gorgeous. Men with hair just look weird.”

Next week, do all black men really have huge mickeys? Yes. According to black men they do.