Study Finds Couples Who Call Each Other Babe Would Sicken Your Hole


A new study carried out by the Scientific Research Institute has found that couples who call each other babe would sicken your hole. Dr. Henry Jockins was in charge of the study and he said the rise in couples referring to each other as babe while in the company of others is alarming.

“Statistics show this type of behaviour is spiralling out of control and couples who engage in this type of behaviour are among the world’s worst hole sickeners. We also discovered that they seem completely oblivious to those in close proximity tutting, shaking their heads and pretending to vomit.”

In a recent Sunday Times poll couples who call each other babe topped the list of the most hated people in Ireland, with paedophile priests and the despised black and tans coming second and third. So what advice does Dr. Jockins have for those couples?

“My advice is grow up. Your parents gave you names so use them. You haven’t realised it yet but all your friends and most of your family secretly hate you and make fun of you so just stop doing it you annoying loved-up weirdos.”