Couples Who Call Each Other ‘Babe’ Told To Cut It Out


Couples who call each other ‘babe’ have been told to cut it out or they may soon face a hefty fine or even imprisonment. The sickening rise in couples referring to each other as babe while in the company of others has led to calls for a ban on the word in all public places.

Brian Anderson of the Public Watchdog Committee said it’s time for action before things get out of hand.

“Why anyone would behave in such a manner is beyond me. Your parents gave you perfectly good names. Use them. We’re Irish not poncy American shits. Frankly it sickens me hole.”

In a recent Sunday Times poll couples who call each other babe topped the list of the most hated people in Ireland, with murderers and drug dealers coming second and third respectively. So what advice does Anderson have for couples who engage in such behaviour?

“My advice is grow up. All you friends secretly hate you so stop doing it you horrible bastards.”