New Dublin Internet Search Engine Launched

Google Ireland has launched a new search engine which is exclusively available to people living in the Dublin area. Ask Me Bollix went online this morning in the capital and it is hoped that it will become the search engine of choice for people of all ages. Mark Duggan is head of Google’s Irish operations and he told us the intention is to appeal more to local people.

“ is a popular American search engine and we basically decided to go in the same direction but to keep it local. is more familiar and user-friendly for our target audience and we’re confident it will take off in Dublin over the coming weeks and months.”

Mark told us that the naming of the search engine was a close run thing with ‘Ask Me Hoop’ and ‘Ask Yer Aul One’ also quite popular but he said they’re very happy with the final decision. So how did they settle on the name and what exactly does it mean?

“When you Google something, you’re asking the internet a question and Ask Me Bollix is a popular response to a question for many Dubliners. It’s just a bit of craic really. Like when I was walking down Grafton Street the other day and an American tourist asked me for directions. I told him to ask me bollix and kept walking. It’s just banter.”

Mark told us that they intend to launch search engines exclusive to other parts of Ireland too and are currently test running ‘Ask Me Hole’ in the Cork area.

For our non-Irish readers, Ask me bollix literally translates as ‘Please redirect your question towards my testicles’. For Hole see Anus.