Boris Offers To Throw An ‘Apology Party’ In Downing Street Garden

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered to throw an ‘Apology Party’ during a heated debate in the House of Commons this afternoon.

Mr Johnson made the offer during Prime Minister’s Question Time after admitting he attended a Downing Street drinks party during England’s first lockdown in 2020.

“We’ll get the old karaoke machine going and forget about all this nonsense. Come on guys. You don’t even have to bring your own booze this time because I’m paying. Well, when I say I’m paying I mean the tax payers are paying obviously. As if I’d pay for anything out of my own pocket. Lol.”

The Prime Minister insisted MP’s from both sides of the house and from all parties and political persuasions were invited.

“This is not a time for division. This is a time for unity. You’re all invited back to my place. Just no fat chicks obviously.”