Everyone Who Got Vaccinated Against Covid To Drop Dead “Any Day Now”

Everyone in the world who got vaccinated against Covid-19 will drop dead any day now. That’s according to leading conspiracy theorist Graham Heffernan who told us that soon, only those who refused the “killer jab” will be left.

“Any day now, all the sheeple who fell for the plandemic and got microchipped will begin dropping dead all over the world. The great reset will begin and a new world order will take control of our planet. I tried to warn you. I tried to tell you it was a hoax, so did Jim Corr, but you didn’t listen so don’t come crying to us when you’re dead.”

So what will happen after everyone who got vaccinated drops dead?

“Those of us still alive will welcome our new reptilian overlords and mate with their women.” Graham told us. “Then, when we’ve earned their trust, we will rise up from within and strike for our freedom.”

We asked Graham if he’s ever been diagnosed with a mental illness.

He told us “Shut you face! I post this stuff all the time on the Liberal.ie facebook page and everyone on there agrees with me so that proves I’m right. More like you’re the mental one. I suppose you don’t
believe the Earth is flat either do you?”

Next week: Did Madeleine McCann’s parents carry out the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre? We meet a man who says they did. (It’s Graham again. Lol.)