Anti-Mask Protester Knows More Than Any Doctor So Shut It Sheeple

A leading anti-mask protester has said that only him and those who agree with him know what’s really going on in the world because they don’t listen to “lamestream media” and they’re not a bunch of “sheeple”. 54-year old Brian Carty from Dublin claims that wearing a mask is the same as Jews being forced to wear gold stars in Nazi occupied Europe, apart from the whole being murdered in gas chambers bit obviously.

“The government is trying to control our minds. Wake up sheeple! Stop watching RTE Fake News. Eileen Dunne is a liar. Anonymous American websites tell the real news and so does Jim Corr and Gemma O’Doherty. Everything else is lies. Except conspiracy theories obviously, they’re all true. Also face masks contain chemicals that turn you gay and 5G was created by the illuminati to spread coronavirus.”

Radio waves below the visible spectrum of light where 5g falls are non-ionizing radiation and therefore completely harmless to humans. This is basic science for 12 year-olds yet literally millions of fully grown adults worldwide believe 5G is dangerous because they read it on the internet. Dr. John Schneider from the Institute of Scientific Research says it takes a certain type of person to be taken in by all the 5G and coronavirus conspiracy theories.

“Basically these are the same people who believe the moon landings were fake, the Earth is flat and there’s a secret cure for cancer. They also tend to post everything in capital letters and due to a lack of education have the spelling ability of a backwards 8 year-old. Or to put it another way, absolutely thick as shit every last one of them.”