America Great Again

Four years after coming to power, Donald Trump has at long last fulfilled his promise of making America great again by finally fucking off. Mr. Trump leaves behind a country more divided than it’s been since the American civil war after a single-term presidency of lies, raging tweets and insane rants that will surely take the US years to recover from.

Political commentator Brad Johnson told us “In just four years Donald Trump has managed to lose the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Republican Party is in turmoil. The son of a bitch actually did it. He made America great again.”

As well as isolationg America on the international stage by making enemies of friends and friends of enemies, Trump spent his entire presidency branding all news channels and journalists who wouldn’t praise him ‘Fake News’ and the only wall he managed to build is the one that today protects the Capitol Building in Washington DC from his rabid supporters.

Trump’s finest hour came when he suggested injecting disinfectant into patients as a cure for Covid-19 while doctors present at the press conference squirmed in embarrassment. His supporters responded in the only way they know by claiming he never said it even though he said it on live TV in front of several million viewers worldwide and it is now one of the most watched videos in YouTube history.

As he finally leaves office today it is not known what the future holds for Donald Trump. His wife Melania gave a speech on Monday and told reporters “He just needs to get away from all this and to rest. He still won’t accept he lost the election and I’m concerned for his mental state. I’m also concerned for my own mental state for marrying the mad bastard in the first place.”