People Concerned About Africans Rioting In Dublin Are All Racist, Confirms Government


The government has confirmed that people who are concerned about African migrants rioting and brawling on the streets of Dublin are racist.

Recent videos of migrants having a running battle on Harcourt Street while punching the heads off each other and rioting at the Red Cow Inn have had many people wondering what the hell is going on.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan was quick to condemn those voicing concern.

“I’d like to remind these people that we already have trouble-making scumbags in this country, therefore importing trouble-making scumbags from other countries is absolutely fine and if you condemn them you’re a racist. I hope that’s clear. I just wish people would stop sharing videos of these incidents and be more like RTE. As I’ve always said, the best way to deal with a bad situation is to pretend it’s not happening.”

Anto Rogan of the ‘United Left Alliance Against Profit Says No To Everything Party’ agreed.

“Only white scumbags should be condemned. Anyone who condemns black scumbags is racist and thick and probably supports Brexit and loves Donald Trump and Hitler. These people have come here seeking refuge from war and poverty from places like Nigeria, France and England and if they want to show their appreciation by smashing up the Red Cow, who are we to condemn those actions? Only a racist would.”