Ryanair To Offer Adult Nappies To Passengers Concerned About Sharing Small Toilet

Ryanair have said they will offer adult nappies to passengers who feel uncomfortable using the toilet on their planes while the pandemic is still with us. The budget airline announced the plans this morning and straight talking Chief Executive Michael O’Leary explained that customers will have the option of adding a nappy when booking their flight.

“Some people will always find something to moan about and the latest one seems to be sharing the toilet on planes. Well now you don’t have to. For just €30 you can relieve yourself as often as you like without ever leaving your seat. Some of you will no doubt find this a bit tasteless or shocking but frankly I don’t see the problem. You spent the first years of your life sitting in your own pee pee and poo poo until someone changed your nappy and there’s a good chance you’ll end up doing it again in your final years.”

Surely Mr. O’Leary doesn’t expect many people to take up the offer and actually wear a nappy.

“Excuse my French for a moment but just ask yourself one question. Is it worth spending a couple of hours sitting in your own shite if you get to go on a nice holiday? I think we can all agree the answer is yes.”