Royal Avenue In Belfast City Centre To Be Renamed Adams Avenue

Royal Avenue in the centre of Belfast is set to be renamed Adams Avenue after former Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams. The renaming of the city’s principal shopping thoroughfare is seen as a fitting tribute to Adams who grew up in West Belfast and played such a key role in securing the Good Friday Agreement.

In the last few months, a series of devastating blows had been dealt to the Unionist community of the north. Not only was it revealed that Catholics now outnumber Protestants but also Sinn Féin had become the biggest party in Northern Ireland. Sinn Féin’s power is such that they can now pass new legislation without any meaningful objection in many constituencies such as renaming streets. Michelle O’Neill has already confirmed the Shankill Road in loyalist West Belfast will become Bobby Sands Boulevard.

Reacting to the recent census results, many leading Unionists have began to sound increasingly desperate, making bizarre statements such as claiming most Catholics are actually Unionists despite everyone in the north knowing that’s a crock of shit.

With the reunification of Ireland fast approaching, many more changes are in store for the six counties. Windsor Park for example, home of the Northern Ireland football team, is set to become the new home of Antrim GAA as Northern Ireland will be discontinued and amalgamated into an All Ireland football team. Bright days ahead for Irish sport then. At least we can all agree on that as the sound of fans singing “Come on you boys in green” will be heard coming from all 32 counties in the very near future. A nation once again.